The bed


  • boxspring


    Solid box-spring with a pinewood frame and 9 solid pinewood cross slats with a core of biconic feathers (116 feathers per m2 – wire diameter 2.2 of mm). Air-ventilating and moisture-regulating. All feathers are connected with an additional wire of 1.3 mm. The felt layer of 1500 g/m2 divides the pressure equally and is covered on both sides with a support layer in polyurethane. The underside is fitted with an extra protection layer and the side is stitched through with hypoallergenic dreamfill. The box-spring is 22 cm high and consists of fire-resistant materials only.

  • mattress


    Luxurious mattress with a height of 21 cm with a solid and comfortable core consisting of pocket springs, with a dense and fixed quality of 330 feathers/m2. The luxurious pocket springs are exceptionally comfortable and support the neck and back area.

  • mattress topper

    Mattress topper

    Extra comfort thanks to the mattress topper with a height of 5 cm, including three zones and a hypoallergenic filling of 400 g/m2.

  • duvet


    This wonderful duvet made from 100% cotton with a filling of 450g/m2 and square stitching keeps you pleasantly warm during the night. 

  • bed linen


    Freshly washed bed linen made from 80% cotton.

  • pillows


    You can lay yourself down to sleep and forget all your worries on these extra large pillows (60 x 90 cm) made from 100% cotton.

  • plug sockets

    Plug sockets

    Practical plug-sockets on both sides of the bed so you can charge your mobile phone while still having it on hand.

  • reading lamp

    Reading Lamps

    The reading lamps can be switched on and off from the bed, so you can enjoy your suspenseful holiday literature during the night.

  • headboard


    The headboard of the bed consists of oven-dried old cheeseboards stained in white, guaranteeing a unique look.

  • nightstand


    You can put your mobile phone, alarm clock or book on the nightstand, which consists of the same material as the headboard of the bed.

  • colourful pillows

    Colourful pillows

    The bed is brightened up by colourful pillows. The pillows have been upholstered with the typical materials that are also used for the production of beach sails.

The exceptionally large bed of 180 x 200 cm, made from materials of superior quality, guarantees a wonderful night’s rest.